Products Advantage

Manufacturing Capacity Advantages:

1. Molding independent R&D, quickly lead the market
2. Patent grinding process, slurry particle size D50: 1.25μm
3. High-precision molding machine: dimensional accuracy ± 0.02mm
4. Multi-function cutting machine, patented molding machine, can meet customized needs
5. SMC vacuum coating and automatic water plating can meet the requirement of delivery within 5 days

Product Advantages:

1. Products high physical strength
2. The product substrate residual rate is 100%
3. The surface impedance of alloy products is above 10GΩ
4. The breakdown voltage of alloy products is above AC300V
5. The alloy material adopts nano coating to solve the rust pain point in the industry

Material Advantages:

1. Nizn materials: N251S, N251H are produced with imported raw materials
2. Material production adopts Shimadzu fluorescence analyzer of Japan to analyze the material online to ensure that the material formula is free of distortion
3. Alloy material A600s has high strength and rust resistance
4. Patented nano coating process