Development History

Development History

In 2006

Development Benefit Year

the first domestic lead-free environmentally friendly SMT soft magnetic plating production line was established.


In 2018

Target Management Year

the establishment of the joint-stock company and the first general meeting of shareholders, the development of CYGE entered a new milestone


In 2017

Standard Construction Year

CYGE cooperated with the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish the “CAS-CYGE NanoMagnetic Joint Laboratory”; hired the national “Thousand Talents Program” expert doctor to be the chief scientist of CYGE, and hired academician of Nanjing University as CYGE independent director.


In 2016

Learning Growth Year

CYGE SMD/SMT high-performance soft magnetic materials were awarded the “International Leading” honorary by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and passed the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification of the automotive industry.


In 2015

Performance Management Year

CYGE “Love and Mutual Aid Fund” was founded; the company was recognized as “New Material Enterprise of Hunan Province”

In 2014

Organization Management Year

CYGE Technology recognized the “High-tech Enterprise” and won the honorary title of “Hunan Famous Brand”.


In 2009

Transformation Benefit Year

CYGE Electronic Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Loudi City of Hunan Province.


In 2008

Economic Benefit Year

CYGE became a well-known SMD/SMT core surface metallization quality OEM factory in China.


In 2010

Learning Benefit Year

CYGE Hunan Company invested and constructed in Loudi City.

In 2013

Culture Benefit Year

completed the layout of the complete industrial chain from mold and non-standard equipment design and development, process improvement, material research and development, magnetic core manufacturing to metallization.


In 2011

Innovation Benefit Year

Hunan CYGE high performance soft magnetic production line installation and commissioning


In 2007

Development Benefit Year

the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, became the first ISO certified company in the industry.


In 2005

Business Survival Year

the first domestic lead-free environmentally friendly SMT soft magnetic silver plating production line was established.


In 2012

Market Benefit Year

Hunan CYGE was officially put into production, and CYGE products entered the design fields of Hitachi Industrial, Samsung, and LG Systems.


In 2004

Business Start-up Year

CYGE Technology was founded in Zhuhai.


1. “Deepen Cultivation of Quality,Innovative Cooperation, Cohesion Dreams” as the development theme, complete CYGE stock market listing;

2. First CYGE Century Smart City entered the stage of pre-positioning planning and construction;3. Establish an academician workstation and upgrade the laboratory to a national research institute for magnetic functional materials;

Capital Driven


1. Raise investment funds to increase production and efficiency, sales exceeded 10 billion Yuan;
2. New projects are issued successfully;
3. The industrial chain will be transformed into an ecological chain,
and the first industrial ecosystem will be setup in Hunan Province.

Organizational Change Year


Constructing a new model of “1+3” development,
with industrial manufacturing as the core,
Build CYGE Research Institute with intellectual support and with CYGE financial control as capital support.
The new CYGE is supported by the CYGE industrial ecosystem.

Knowledge Management Year

Constructing a new model for the development of CYGE "1+3": taking industrial manufacturing as the core, building a new CYGE supported by CYGE Research Institute, with CYGE Gold Control as financial support and CYGE Industrial Ecosystem as a platform




Enterprise Year

From products price upgrade to industrial documents value added rails, the CYGE Cultural Center will be built as a carrier to deeply understand
Chinese wisdom and realize the new motion energy of CYGE development.

Next five-year development plan 

Brand Building Year