Technical advantages

Mastered the production technology of the whole industry chain, and possessed 10 invention patents, 4 utility model patents, and 5 pending patents.


Independently mastered all production technologies which are including basic material formulation, powder insulation treatment, mold design and production, independent development and production of non-standard equipment.

Patent No.: 201710838158.X; 201710831688.1;

ZL 2017 2 0549855.9; 201710349992.2; 201721183067.9; 201721183050.3.


The company's strong process control capabilities, with the inherent advantages of producing molding inductors



The main business of CYGE Technology is the production of SMD soft magnetic core, which belongs to the most difficult technical process in the winding inductor industry chain. The company has accumulated rich experience in production process design and production process control. Compared with downstream winding inductor manufacturers, it has the inherent advantages of producing molding inductors.




Innovative production process, solving a lot of industry pain points






√  Solve the problem of low energy efficiency of the inductor

√  Solve the problem of cracks/corner breaks/insufficient strength/rusting
√  Solve the problem that the product can not be washed for a long time, and the soaking time of the product can exceed 2H (currently well-known Taiwanese company has not overcome yet)
√  Solve the problem that the inductance drops by more than 5% after the product has passed the reflow oven three times.
√  Solve the problem of short circuit between layers of enameled wire after forming
√  Increase the pass rate and control the client's electrical failure to below 10ppm.