Management advantage
management toolPay more attention to standardization construction and practice the "zero" failed products business philosophy
The company introduced the ISO/TS16949:2009 standardization system management, and pushed the business philosophy of “zero failed” in 2017. We must implement the zero fail business philosophy by relying on quality to win. We must firmly lock the standard construction industry this weapon, we firmly believe that only zero failed realization, the creation of a career has a long-term foundation.
Wisdom sharing and learning insights
Since 2013, the founder Mr. Su insisted on sharing wisdom on the creation of an information platform every working day, sharing his life, thinking, feelings, and understanding frankly. Every enterprise learning officer spontaneously organized learning. Communicate and make a publicity sharing at the morning meeting; the corporate officer will select one of Su’s wisdom sharing every day, and record on the WeChat page to share in the family’s WeChat group, let our CYGE family not only read the wisdom sharing of Su’s total, but also hear the wisdom sharing of Su.
Fully implement the 6S as the management to promote the quality of the ingenuity
The highest level of on-site management is “6S”, because 6S includes all people, matters and things. The purpose of grasping 6S is to build a humanistic environment, with full participation, so that everyone can form good habits, improve efficiency, create a unique habit, realize the harmonious resonance between people and the heart, between people and the environment, and promote each other. The green hills in everyone's heart have been upgraded into our wealth in the real sense through the quality of the ingenuity.
“Daily Evaluation System”, turning out efficiency and realizing employee ownership
The company has developed a "Daily Evaluation System" daily management system, one-handed learning and growth, using three major cultures, one-handedly grasping the mechanism of daily and monthly, innovating day by day, doing a living distribution mechanism, publishing performance every day, let everyone pay attention to the results . This has fundamentally changed the labor-management relationship. Employees are their own masters, and I have to work hard for me to do a good job, so that everyone becomes a partner of the business and a community of destiny.