Talent Recruitment
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First, male / female general practitioners: more than one.
Requirements: Visual acuity above 0.8, 18-42 years old, junior high school education or above, good health, good eyesight, can bear hardships and endure hard work, to adapt to the two shift preferential employment. Monthly combined income can reach 4500-8000 yuan.
Two, QC / QC: 10.
Requirements: Female, 20-35 years old, with a high school degree or above, can obey the work arrangement, do things responsibly and conscientiously, have strong communication and coordination ability, and have quality control experience is preferred.
Three. SMC Technician: 30.
Requirements: Female, visual acuity above 1.0, 20-35 years old, high school education or above, able to bear hardships and endure hard work, solid work, strong stability, machine repair, automation control professional priority.
Welfare benefits: five insurance and one fund, high performance bonus, night shift allowance, birthday gifts, holiday benefits, sports activities, training and promotion, staff apartment (with air conditioning, water heater, WIFI, independent toilet)