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Terbium-Dysprosium-Fe (TbDyFe) alloy rare-earth super magnetostrictive material Terfenol-D Introduction


Terbium-Dysprosium-Fe (TbDyFe) alloy is a new type of rare-earth super-magnetostrictive material, whose magnetostrictive strain (coefficient of magnetostriction) at room temperature is so large that it is incomparable to that of any previous field-strictive material. It is dozens of times larger than the strain of traditional magnetostrictive alloys such as nickel-cobalt (Ni-Co), and more than five times that of electrostrictive materials. It can efficiently realize the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy and transmit a huge amount of energy. Within a very short period of time from 10-5 to 10-6 seconds, a hysteresis-free type response matching the static and dynamic characteristics of the magnetic field is precisely and stably formed. The response is stable and agile, making terbium-dysprosium ferroalloy as the driving element of the mechanical system response lag time significantly reduced, which is also terbium-dysprosium ferroalloy components in the alternating magnetic field in the rapid generation of expansion and contraction of the response of the important characteristics, which makes it in the development of science and technology in the industry as an executive element, control components, sensitive components have been more and more widely used!

One of the achievements of rare earth super magnetostrictive materials in the field of acoustics is the flat panel loudspeaker technology. Flat panel loudspeaker (Flat panel technology) has excellent frequency response characteristics and sound quality, can produce a 360-degree sound field, almost through any plane, opening up the possibility of designing a variety of new loudspeakers.

The use of rare-earth super magnetostrictive material elements for microdisplacement mechanisms allows for fast, precise, and stable control of complex displacement motions. In the accurate joint control of robots; precision displacement control of machine tool components; servo tool holder control of molding processing machine tools; compensation control of mechanism transmission error and tool wear; powerful contact control of switches and relays in the power distribution system; fine focusing of laser mirrors, telescopes, and electron microscopes and other controls, it can significantly optimize the structure, improve the performance, improve the efficiency, and reduce the loss.

Random control in linear motors, servo valves, powerful hydraulic pumps, precision infusion pumps (medical), high-speed valves, fuel injection systems (automobile engines) and other devices driven by rare-earth super-magnetostrictive materials can effectively increase the degree of automation, simplify the hydraulic control system, and achieve high efficiency and energy saving, safety and reliability.

Terbium dysprosium ferroalloy components can effectively control the vibration of mechanical systems by utilizing the immediate response characteristics of terbium dysprosium ferroalloy components to achieve the purpose of vibration and noise reduction. Conversely, the controllable characteristics of rare earth super magnetostrictive material components can be utilized to improve vibratory processes (polishing, vibratory cutting) and improve product quality and productivity.


The above are some examples of the applications of rare earth super magnetostrictive materials, but they are by no means the pinnacle of applications. More applications of rare earth super magnetostrictive materials are being developed, and we believe that it has a broad application prospect and far-reaching influence in the development of new products in various industries.

 Ltd. can provide Terbium Dysprosium (TbDyFe) alloy specifications: cylindrical, diameter 2.0 ~ 50mm, length ≤ 200mm

Brand:Hercules Magnetostrictive Magnetic Bar

Supply capacity: long-term stable production capacity, monthly output of up to 80-120kg.

Performance and advantages: stable performance, high magnetostrictive conversion efficiency, high expansion rate and output energy, immediate response without hysteresis, high strength is not easy to break, making vibration sound wide range, beautiful tone.

Packing: vacuum sealed packaging

Product use: production of new vibration sound, micro-displacement controller, ultrasonic transmitter devices, etc.

Stock specification: diameter 30mm


The super magnetostrictive material represented by Tb-Dy-Fe is a new type of functional material gradually developed from the seventies after piezoelectric ceramics and magnetostrictive materials. It has the conversion function of electromagnetic energy and mechanical energy, and is an important material for heavy energy and information conversion, especially for sonar transducer. Due to their excellent magnetostrictive properties, super magnetostrictive materials have aroused great interest as soon as they appeared, and play an increasingly important role in the national economy and industrial production. Super magnetostrictive material Tb-Dy-Fe. has a series of excellent performance: magnetostrictive strain, magnetostrictive strain than pure Ni 50 times greater than the PZT material 5-25 times: magnetostrictive strain generated when the thrust is very large, diameter of about 10mm Tb-Dy-Fe bar, magnetostrictive force generated about 200 kg of thrust: high energy density, its energy density is 400-800 times greater than the Ni Its energy density is 400-800 times larger than that of Ni-based alloy and 14-30 times larger than that of PZT; its energy conversion efficiency (expressed in terms of electromechanical bogey coefficient) is as high as 70%, whereas that of Ni-based alloy is only 16%, and that of PZT material is only 40-60%: its IH curve is linear, and its elastic modulus varies with the magnetic field, which can be adjusted; it has a fast response speed, reaching 10-6 seconds; it has a good frequency characteristic, and it can work under a low frequency (tens of tens of to 1000 Hz), working at low frequencies (tens to 1000 Hz), a wide operating band; can work in the low-field (tens to hundreds of Oersted); low operating voltage, can work in a few volts to 100 volts, can be driven by the battery, and the electrode of the PZT voltage in the electrode more than 2kV/mm, there is a risk of electric breakdown; good stability, high reliability, its magnetostrictive properties do not change over time, no fatigue, no overheating failure. In addition, compared with PZT ceramics, super magnetostrictive materials also have an irreplaceable position in low-field high-power sensors. Super magnetostrictive materials have a wide range of applications in high-tech fields such as hydroacoustic transducer technology for sonar, electroacoustic transducer technology, ocean exploration and development technology, micro-displacement drive, vibration damping and vibration prevention, noise reduction and noise prevention systems, intelligent wings, robotics, automation technology, fuel injection technology, valves, pumps, fluctuating oil recovery and other high-tech fields.


Low Frequency Acoustic Sources and Receiving Systems

Acoustic signals are the main medium for people to carry out underwater communication detection reconnaissance and remote control. Transmit and receive sound wave sonar device, its core components are generally made of piezoelectric ceramics or magnetostrictive materials, low-frequency high-power sonar and hydroacoustic countermeasures with the launch of hydroacoustic transducers in the future development direction. The key material for manufacturing low-frequency high-power hydroacoustic transducer is rare earth super magnetostrictive material. The development of rare earth super magnetostrictive materials will play a key role in the development of sonar technology, hydroacoustic countermeasures technology, ocean development and detection technology. <112 > Axially oriented super magnetostrictive materials Terfenol-D and <110 > Axially oriented Tb-Dy-Fe have several advantages over piezoelectric ceramics PZT: high output power, high operating temperature, low voltage drive, small hysteresis, no aging, low response frequency, low-frequency signals underwater attenuation is small, and long transmission distance. This makes it possible for the super magnetostrictive material to be applied in sonar system firstly.

In addition, the ultrasonic generator made of super magnetostrictive material has good application prospects in fishing, undersea mapping, non-destructive flaw detection of construction and materials. Combining the excellent low-frequency acoustic properties of Terfenol-D and the high-frequency properties of piezoelectric ceramics, we can make a better-performing acoustic vibration transducer with wide frequency response and good unidirectionality. The use of magnetostrictive materials, the modulus of elasticity with the magnetic field to change the nature of the magnetic field, can be made into a frequency can be adjusted with the magnetic field of the delay line, resonators and filters and other devices in the sonar or other system applications.


Ultrasound technology and electroacoustic transducer technology

Rare earth super magnetostrictive materials also have broad application prospects in acoustic frequency and ultrasonic technology. For example, the material can be used to manufacture ultra-high-power ultrasonic transducers. In the past, the ultrasonic transducer is mainly made of piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) material. It can only manufacture small power (≤ 2.OkW) ultrasonic transducer, foreign countries have used rare earth super magnetostrictive materials to manufacture ultra-high power (6 ~ 25kW) ultrasonic transducer. Ultra-high-power ultrasonic technology can produce low-power ultrasonic technology can not produce new physical effects and new uses, such as it can make the waste tires desulfurization regeneration, can make the crops significantly increase yields, can accelerate the chemical reaction of the chemical process, there is a significant economic, social and environmental benefits; electroacoustic transducer made of this material can be used for fluctuations in the extraction of oil, oil wells can be improved oil production of up to 20% to 100%, can be Promote the development of the oil industry.


High Energy Fast Micro Displacement Actuator

Super magnetostrictive materials not only have high magnetostrictive strain, but also have high output stress and fast response speed, so they can be used in the design of high-energy fast micro-machines. Micro-displacement actuators made of rare earth super magnetostrictive materials can be used in robotics, automatic control, ultra-precision machining, infrared, electron beam, laser beam scanning control, camera shutter, linear motors, intelligent airfoils, fuel injection systems, miniature pumps, valves, sensors, etc.


Other Sensor Applications

Utilizing the characteristics of large magnetostrictive strain and fast response speed of super magnetostrictive material, it can be used for the measurement of any physical quantity related to magnetic field. In addition, the thin (flat-type) horn made of this material, vibration force, sound quality, high fidelity, can make the floor, wall, desktop, glass window vibration and pronunciation, can be used for underwater music, underwater ballet accompanied by the horn and so on. The material can be used to make noise and noise control, anti-vibration and vibration control system.


Hercules magnetostrictive magnetic rod physical properties table




磁致伸缩系数 (λ//


杨氏模量Young's Modulus

(2.5 ~3.5)×1010N/m2

抗压强度Compressive Strength


抗拉强度Tensile Strength




热膨胀系数Thermal Expansion Coefficient

(8 ~12)×10-6/

居里温度Curie Temperature


磁弹性藕合因数Coupling Factor

0.6 ~0.75

声速Sound Velocity

1640 ~1940 m/s

响应速度Response Time


能量密度Energy Density

14 ~25kJ/m3

相对磁导率Relative Permeability

3 ~15



比热Heat Capacity


使用温度Operating Temperature

-40 ~150℃

响应频带Response Range of Frequency


保质期Shelf life

20 years

Packing method: Hard material for outer packaging, high density sponge or soft seismic material inner pad.

Storage conditions: air ventilated, dry and without corrosive gas site or vacuum status.



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